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GOBABIS - here we come!
August 2020

In a mere day’s time, 4 well established Bonsmara breeders are bring top-notch bulls to the Gobabis Auction! Don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands on bulls that are reared specifically for profitable farming under veld conditions.

Hartebeestloop is bringing 2 bulls to this auction:

The “SOLUTION BULL” - HT 17-0026 - he is a calving ease, easy fleshing, low input cost bull with good conformation and balance. Someone wise said, “Identify your problems but give your power and energy to a SOLUTION.” This bull is not a part of the solution, he IS THE SOLUTION (bull) for Namibian veld farming!
Click here for his video.

And also HART 17-0300 - he is a well-muscled, specialist grower with very good abilities to turn grazing into weight. Excellent choice for weaner and ox production – excellent choice for the Gobabis area.
Click here for his video.

Gobabis Bulls Breeding Values (GEBV’s) – Auction 2020 - please click this link to download the PDF (198 Kb)

Hope to see you at the Gobabis Auction on 6 August, 11H30!

click here for his video


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