Auction 2010

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Bonsmara Auction
Bulls 2010

LOT 01: HART 07-70LOT 02: AG 03-28LOT 03: HART 07-74LOT 04: HART 07-87LOT 05: HART 07-145LOT 06: HART 07-115LOT 07: HART 07-159LOT 08: HART 07-64LOT 09: HART 07-52LOT 10: HART 07-53LOT 11: HART 07-50LOT 12: HART 07-46LOT 13: HART 07-131LOT 14: HART 07-86LOT 15: HART 07-150LOT 16: HART 07-156LOT 17: HART 07-132LOT 18: HART 07-63LOT 19: ERH 07-121LOT 20: HMB 07-30LOT 21 : TON 07 - 64 LOT 22 : WAGB 07 - 59
LOT 23: HJB 05-127LOT 24: RGR 04-164LOT 25: AEJ 03-199LOT 26: AJF 03-139LOT 27: RLH 04-66LOT 28: WAGB 07-121LOT 29: TON 07-95LOT 30: HMB 07-31LOT 31: ERH 07-89LOT 32: HART 07-97LOT 33: HART 07-100LOT 34: HART 07-151LOT 35: HART 07-22LOT 36: HART 07-99LOT 37:  HART 07-117LOT 38: HART 07-142LOT 39: HART 07-109LOT 40: HART 07-144LOT 41: HART 07-161LOT 42: HART 07-166LOT 43: HART 07-168LOT 44: HART 07-65

Marketing Material

2010 Hartebeestloop Auction AdvertisementAdvertisementAdvertisement - discussion of some of our bullsAdvertisement for South African Bonsmara JournalAdvertisement with discussionAdvertisement, discussion of 3 bulls. 2010
Auction CDAuction PostcardAuction T-shirt designHartebeestloop Advertisement 2010, RSA Bonsmara JournalHartebeestloop Farmers Day invitationHartebeestloop Farmers day Poster for 2010

Auction Day
Photographs 2010

 Joggie busy with traditional opening speechAttendance at 2010 Hartebeestloop auction was good as usualBenjamin Bosch, Ian Lourens and Joggie at OkongonaBenjamin Bosch, Paul Mare and Chris Welman relaxing on duneBuyer of most expensive bull at 2010 auctionDavid, our ringmaster in action at auctionEdddie Stone, Danie Beyleveld, Piet du Toit and JoggieGuests at 2010 auctionGuests attending auction lunchGuests on Western standGuests on Western stand
Guests relaxing while waiting for animals to arriveJoggie with Ben Bosch, Ian Lourens and Chris Welman at auction.Lot no1 in the auction ring and bidding has just startedMeisie Briedenhann in a pensive mood Picture of auction ring Piet du Toit, Smittie, Joggie and Danie BeyleveldServing area in shadeSide view of guest on Western standSouth African guests concentrating on animal in ringStaff preparing for auction mealVery young Bonsmara calf relaxing in the sun.

Press Releases 2010
Agriforum: Derde jaar van Veilingsglorie vir HartebeestloopRepublikein: 11 May 2010, Kan die Suide Bonsmaras dit weer doen?Republikein: Bonsmara dag `n groot sukses
Republikein: N$ 450 000 vir Joggie se bulThe Namibian: Bonsmara Bull sets a new recordThe Namibian: Bull breaks record

Guest Sellers 2010
2010 Hartebeestloop Auction Guest Sellers<br>Go to DETAILS/DETAILS ALL for more information
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