Bonsmara BLUP Values

We use breeding values to select the animals with the best genetic potential to produce progeny that will excel under veld conditions in our productions systems. Hartebeestloop bulls are used in many regions of Namibia and for various production systems. There is no ideal set of breeding values that will fit all production systems. Therefore we try and stay near the breed averages for most of the breeding values and only make minor adjustments in the economically most important values for a specific production system. Our farm allows for a spesific type and size animal and therefore our BLUP breeding values do not really show major changes over the years.

Hartebeestloop bulls for weaner production will have breeding values for wean weight direct and wean weight maternal that are moderately higher than the breed averages. For the ox producers, we breed bulls that show a curve bender growth graph with excellent growth at 7, 12 and 18 months and then a flattening of the growth curve to mature weight. Calf tempo and scrotum circumference breeding values are important traits in bulls to be used for breeding replacement heifers.

BLUP breeding values should be completely understood, well thought through and carefully used, to obtain the best genetic improvement. Functional efficiency, pedigree information and performance recorded information is as important as BLUP breeding values and should all be used in a balanced manner. Only then can an animal be bred that has the best genetic value as parent (looks good on paper) and excel under farming conditions (perform well in the veld). Breeding values will change as more information about the animal becomes available. As a breeder, I understand and support the principle. Breeding values will also change because the base year may be changed, formulas are adjusted or sometimes you are confronted with a "new" breeding value or an index that combines a number of traits. Breeding values can supplement good stockmanship but can never replace it.

If you need any advice or more information regarding BLUP values for your herd, you are most welcome to contact us.

HJS 03-0016 - Stud Sire 2012
HJS 03-0016 - Stud Sire 2012

Prog. Birth Wgt Prog. Wean Wgt Ease of Calving Milk Prod. Mat. Wgt Post Wean Wgt Daily Wgt Feed Conv. Bull & daughter fertility Height And Length Feed and Cow Profit in Rands
Birth Dir. Wean Dir. Birth Mat. Wean Mat. Mat. Wgt. Post Wean ADG FCR SC AFC ICP Hgt. Lgt. Feed Lot Profit Cow Profit
Wgt. Wgt.       12m | 540 Days     mm     mm mm    
Breeder Average


9.9 0.02 3.5 6 13 75 -43 7.1 -14.5 2.7 2 11 120.30 44
Hartebeestloop Average 0.66 11.4 -0.02 2.8 5 17.6 84 -47 7.9 -22 4.9 -1 10 139.48 37
Hartebeestloop Guidelines 0.6 11.5 0 3.0 5 18 85 -50 8 -14 4.9 0 12 140 45

At Hartebeestloop Bonsmaras we use the term "Guidelines" rather than "Ideal" Breeding values. There is no such thing as an ideal breeding value(s). Hartebeestloop Farm can accommodate a certain amount of growth, milk and frame size. The amounts may differ but the principle will be the same for your farm. Our breeding value guidelines may differ from yours based on different environments. It is important to know that too much emphasis on breeding values as a selection tool may eventually lead to a high maintenance, expensive to keep and bigger framed cow herd.

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