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May 2022

the Hartebeestloop Auction 2022 is over - we literally still can’t believe it! Months, if not years (!) that lead into his event, so suddenly over!

We had long hoped and envisioned that our Polled Bonsmara Project would come to fruition, but nothing could prepare us for "one happy polled blessing” this year!

Now it is our pleasure to pay our gratitude!

A BIG THANK YOU to all the loyal supporters & friends attending the day with us, as well as online. We KNOW who you are and we KNOW, without your support, the auction would not be possible.

To the new-comers – thanks for your support - it is always nice making new friends & we’d like to welcome you into the “family”!

Our sincerest thank you goes to fellow Bonsmara Breeders and farmers who showed trust in our genetics and once again stepped forward to invest in Hartebeestloop animals – Mytilus Elite Farming, Komaweer, MOU-Genetics, Sernick, Temdale, Alaska Farming, Sandune Game, Zunica, Hochfeldstreek & Pick A Dream. Just to name a few!

Agra has always been our trusted partner and we would like to thank the team for a wonderful job! You guys rock! Thanks a lot to Feedmaster and Standard Bank - your commitment to always further farming in Namibia with your generosity, is greatly appreciated! Elnatan Private School again treated us with delicious food, snacks and drinks throughout the day- thanks a LOT!!

Our farm managers & staff, Joggie’s practice staff (mini farmers ALL of them by now😂) as well as each and every one that contributed, even just by a kind message or words, A BIG THANK YOU!

God bless everybody and may we see you next year, SAME time, SAME place!!


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