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Who could it be now?
October 2017

And “Who could it be now”? None other than a beautiful broad Bonsmara bull, that made the selection to be used in the stud. Is the tune from the band "Men at work" also in your head now? :)

This "working man" has 45 super-low-maintenance cows now, in a 400 hectare camp in the Namibian Kalahari. All of them bred from grain-free, grass developed cows and bulls – and we continue with the winning recipe! In April 2018 - with hopefully more rain - he will get 55+ cows.

Just shows you, grass developed bulls can also be broad, thick-set and easy fleshing
– and the best part is that they maintain condition, even in the Kalahari.

What do we expect from HIM?

  • a 100 calves per year over 2 breeding seasons!

  • What do we expect from his bull calves?


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    News Article selected in the Archive of 2014:
    VEILING nuus / AUCTION news!
    April 2014

    Click here to jumpstart to the English version

    Dit kan besigtig word op die 2014 Veiling se Bul Afdeling asook YouTube videos onder “VIDEOS”. Beskrywings van bulle kan gelees word deur "Details" (elke bul s’n afsonderlik) of ”Details ALL” te selekteer op 2014 Veiling se Bul Afdeling.

    Ons hoop julle geniet dit om ons uitsoek bulle te bekyk! Sien ook ons gasverkopers se bulle wat hulle hierdie jaar bied. Kliek die “read more” skakel onder die foto om na ander maklike en vinnige skakels rondom die veiling te gaan.

    lekker vinnige skakels

    1. FOTO’S van veilingsbulle te sien op “AUCTIONS 2014” met alle bulbesprekings onder “DETAILS” (afsonderlike bespreking) en ”DETAILS ALL” (besprekings aaneenlopend).

    2. Soos verlede jaar al belowe, nou het ons ook YouTube videos beskikbaar onder die afdeling “VIDEOS” van ons "AUCTION 2014" afdeling

    3. Gerieflike Afrikaanse PDF dokument vir aflaai met BESPREKINGS van alle bulle - 874 Kb wat ook insluit ons lekker lees NUUSBRIEF.

    4. Al die TEELWAARDES van alle bulle in PDF dokument vir aflaai – 933 Kb.

    5. Gerieflike PDF dokument vir aflaai met FOTO’S van BULLE – 2.56 Mb van Lot 1 – Lot 53.


    Stuur gerus vir ons enige navrae direk aan Joggie Briedenhann (jbried@joggie.com.na) of aan ons gasverkopers direk - hulle kontak besonderhede is te verkry onder ”GUEST SELLERS” .

    Ons lekker lees nuusbrief en meer inligting onder "GENERAL"

    Lees gerus ook die ”Nuusbrief" oor die veiling en kyk gerus watter ander inligting ons aanbied onder "GENERAL" (ook o.a. alles rakende die Boeredag ).

    Gratis vervoer

    Onthou ons belofte van gratis vervoer - ook na Suid-Afrika en Botswana (sien punt 8: Reëls en regulasies vir uitvoer van lewende hawe vanaf Namibië na RSA).

    Hiermee dan weereens 'n hartlike uitnodiging na 'n lekker Boeredag en Veiling. Hoop om jou daar te sien!

    English Version

    Our bulls have been uploaded!

    We are proud to announce that all our auction bulls are now on display and can be viewed on the 2014 Auction Bulls part of our website as well as YouTube videos under “VIDEOS”. Descriptions can be read by clicking “details” (for each bull individually) or ”Details ALL” (to read all the descriptions continuously – a very nice feature!

    We hope that you will enjoy looking at our prized bulls! Please also visit the bulls from our guest sellers.

    Nice quick links

    1. PHOTOGRAPHS of all auction bulls on AUCTIONS 2014 with descriptions under DETAILS (single desription) or DETAILS ALL (continuous descriptions)

    2. As promised last year, we now have YouTube videos available under the section “VIDEOS” on "AUCTIONS 2014"

    3. Convenient English PDF document for download with DESCRIPTIONS of bulls - 874 Kb that includes our NEWSLETTER.

    4. All the BREEDING VALUES of all auction bulls in PDF format for download – 933 Kb.

    5. Convenient PDF document for download of PHOTOGRAPHS of BULLS – 2.56 Mb of Lot 1 – Lot 53.


    Should you have any query, please direct it to Joggie Briedenhann (jbried@joggie.com.na) or to the guest sellers – their contact details are under ”GUEST SELLERS” on the 2014 Auction Bulls part of our website.

    Our Newsletter and more information under GENERAL

    Please read our ”Newsletter" and check what other information we offer under "GENERAL" (you will be able to read all about this year’s Farmers’ Day here as well).

    Free transport

    We want to remind you again of our promise of free transport - locally as well as to South Africa and Botswana (see point 9: Rules with regard to exportation of livestock from Namibia).

    We would like to once again extend a warm invitation to an informative Farmers’ Day and a great auction. Hope to see your there!


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