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August 2017

Get ready for the annual SPRING AUCTION - well almost spring (short by only 24 hrs)!

Yes, we are talking G8 Auction 2017!

This is a good chance to get those needed bulls here in Windhoek, DD 31 August, at the Agra Ring.

The auction starts at 11H30, but do join us for some discussions on oxen, weaners and more, before the time! We will also show and discuss some auction bulls. Basically the "day" starts at 10H00 for all these activities. And the coffee is great too!

Hartebeestloop is bringing 3 bulls this year and much more information is available by clicking the links (photographs and descriptions ).

Hope to see you at the auction!


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News Article selected in the Archive of 2013:
Alle veilingsbulle op die web!
All auction bulls on the web!
April 2013

  1. Foto's van alle veilingsbulle is gelaai met regte lotnommers en sien ook die bulbeskrywings
  2. 2013 Veilingsnuusbrief met bul beskrywings in een PDF dokument, 1,4 MB
  3. Bulplakkaat waarop foto's van 48 bulle is, op een PDF dokument, 2,1 MB
  4. Teelwaardes en stambome van veilingsbulle PDF 539Kb
  5. Teelwaardes en stambome van vroulike stoetdiere PDF 645Kb
  6. Teelwaardes van vroulike kommersiële verse PDF 778Kb
  7. Teelwaardes van vroulike kommersiële koeie PDF 808 Kb
  1. Auction bull photographs - in respective lot numbers with bull descriptions are loaded
  2. Hartebeestloop Auction Newsletter 2013 & bull descriptions - see PDF document, 1,3 MB
  3. Bull poster - PDF document 2,1 MB, containing 48 bull photographs
  4. Breeding values and pedigrees of auction bulls PDF 539 Kb
  5. Breeding values and pedigrees of female stud animals PDF 645Kb
  6. Breeding values of commercial heifers on offer PDF 778Kb
  7. Breeding values of commercial cows PDF 808Kb

Jump start to the rest of the English version.

Soos beloof het ons nou heelwat PDF dokumente beskikbaar vir aflaai wat alle inligting moontlik bevat oor die veilingsdiere. Besoek gerus ook "Auction 2013" vir verdere inligting.

Onthou van die verskillende maniere waarop na die foto's en bulbeskrywings gekyk kan word:

  • Quickview: Kyk na medium grootte foto's
  • Large: Kyk na grootste vergroting - maak foto baie groter!
  • Details: Lees individuele bulbesprekings
  • Details All: Lees alle bulbesprekings op een blad met klein foto van elke bul
  • OVERVIEW (heel bo): Sien al die verskillende albums van hierdie gallery op een slag met klein foto's
  • INDEX at the top: Sien die album op REGS met klein foto om album uit te ken

Moet nie vergeet van die ADDISIONELE MENU heel bo reg onder die opskrif HARTEBEESTLOOP AUCTION 2013 - daar is vele meer inligting onder die opskrif “General” sowel as “ Animals”.

Kontak Nico (nvisser@joggie.com.na) gerus indien daar enige navrae is.

The rest of the English version
We hope you will enjoy the bull photographs!

As promised before, we now have these much easier to use PDF documents available for download. All the necessary information regarding the auction animals are contained in these PDF's as well as on our website under the heading Auction 2013.

Just to refresh your memory - there are different ways to view the bull photographs and descriptions:

  • Quickview: View medium sized photographs
  • Large: View large photographs - makes photographs much bigger!
  • Details: Read individual descriptions
  • Details All: Read all the descriptions with small view photographs
  • OVERVIEW (at the top): view all the ALBUMS at a glance
  • INDEX at the top: View the ALBUMS to the right with instant quickview available

Don't forget the ADDITIONAL MENU at the top, beneath the heading HARTEBEESTLOOP AUCTION 2013 - there are lots of information under “General” as well as “ Animals”.

Please contact Nico (nvisser@joggie.com.na) if there are any queries.


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